Blink Art

Improving the UX flow of an industry-leading creative agency

Blink Art - a creative agency that represents an exceptional collection of artists working across photography, illustration, set design, film and animation tasked us with improving their UX flow and content management process for their wide-ranging artist portfolios.

  • Design:
  • UI/UX Design
  • Engineering:
  • Front-End / Back-End Development
  • Content Management Systems
  • Strategy:
  • UX Strategy
  • SEO Strategy

For a website that relied on so many high-quality images, site speed was always a priority. We refined templates, stress tested the site by throttling bandwidth and enabled on-the-fly image optimisation to ensure the site was running at peak performance.

We decided to focus our efforts on improving the way portfolios could be categorised by discipline and then allowing for each artist to have bespoke portfolios based on that discipline. This would allow users to get to where they wanted to as quickly as possible. Once the main points of effort were identified, we designed a series of prototypes and tested them to refine our design approach.

We overhauled the way content administrators could manage artist portfolios, giving them more options and an easier workflow, saving them time.

The future

We continue to build new features and provide technical support for Blink Art.

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