Jelly – an award-winning illustration and animation agency working with renowned directors, animators, illustrators, lettering artists and designers across the UK, US and the globe.
Digital Experience Design
Engineering & Development
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The Challenge

Jelly asked us to help them elevate their artists' work by designing and building them a best-in-class website; one that was fitting for the high calibre creatives and creators that they represent.

What We Did

Following an initial workshop and review of their current site, it was clear that the new site needed to be easy to update, super quick and most importantly a clear and media-rich experience but more importantly it had to work on many levels - and appeal to all of Jelly’s clients, from Ad Agencies, Design Groups or direct to Brand. There were lots of boxes to tick.

We decided that a customisable and modular approach to the design and build was necessary - so using ACF and React we built a site that would allow Jelly’s admin’s complete control over artist portfolio pages and news posts.

Handling high-resolution media was a huge requirement for Jelly’s site, so we built an integration into their media management tool which allowed them to easily pull through high-quality video assets into portfolios. The end result was a site that was optimised for highlighting Jelly's incredible roster of talent and showcasing their award-winning illustration and animation work.

We continue to work with Jelly as their strategy, design and development partner.

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